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Things divorcing men might not know

Illinois men contemplating divorce might not have the right tools or support to get through the process due to a number of reasons, least among which is, according to a recent piece, the stigma against men keeping the split anything but private. However, experts say divorce affects men as much as it does women, so it’s important for them to learn as much as possible about what to expect and develop a support system to help them get through the divorce.

Doing so can make the process easier, especially the financial side of divorce. Although prices vary according to what is necessary, an average divorce can cost around $20,000, and much more for a high-asset divorce. However, if a man goes to a lawyer with all the terms already worked out with his spouse, a straightforward divorce can cost from $500 if there are no children or complicated financial issues to $3,500 if there are.

Experts say that paying alimony to help an ex-spouse get on his or her feet makes sense because it’s tax deductible. On the flip side, a man who earns less than his spouse and stays home with the children shouldn’t be reluctant to take alimony.

Moreover, men might consider dividing marital property equally instead of risking creating future resentment by letting their spouse have everything. They should also work out their post-divorce budget because their expenses will change. Child support issues sometimes cause fights over money too. To avoid that, some men have alternative child support agreements that allow them to pay for certain child-care expenses directly to the provider.

Divorce can often be emotional, but a family lawyer could analyze a client’s situation to help them get through a divorce with their important assets intact. The lawyer could help facilitate a fair agreement regarding issues such as money, property, child custody and visitation.

Source: Forbes, “What Every Man Needs To Know About The Financial Side Of Divorce“, Hayley Krischer, September 27, 2013