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How to stay sane during a divorce

When a couple makes the decision to divorce, the actual process of untangling two lives begins. The ease with which a couple will be able to divorce is dependent on many factors. A couple who has been married for a couple years and has no children will likely have an easier time divorcing than a couple who has been married for 25 years and has three children.

Regardless of a couple’s personal and financial circumstances, divorce can be a difficult process emotionally. In hindsight, most individuals who have gone through a divorce admit they made mistakes. While there is no right or wrong way to go through a divorce, there are definitely things an individual can do to sabotage their chances of being happy.

Many people wrongly believe that they should feel relieved once they finally make the decision to divorce. As the actual divorce process begins, however, many individuals feel overwhelmed and may even question their decision. It’s important, however, to stay strong and remember the reasons and events that lead to the divorce.

Divorce often brings with it intense feelings of hurt and resentment. While it’s important to acknowledge the reasons behind these feelings, it’s also incredibly important to let go of the hurt and resentment and move on. This is especially true if a divorcing couple has shared children. Parents must turn their focus to finding ways to breach communication gaps and effectively co-parent.

It’s also wise for divorcing individuals to realize that there will inevitably be several factors related to the divorce in which they are not in control. Time is often a point of frustration for many individuals going through a divorce. While it can be frustrating when divorce proceedings and settlements take longer than anticipated, it’s important to keep focused and realize it takes time to sort out important matters related to finances, personal property and assets and children.