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Solving issues through mediation in Illinois

There are some questions that parents can ask each other before they decide to fight about child custody or when one parent will see the kids. When parents fight over the children, they are doing more damage to their emotions that could play on other aspects of their life. There could be one parent who wants to fight more than the other, and if this is the case, the one who is calm should sit down and ask the other a few crucial questions to get honest answers.

The issue of anxiety in children and interviews conducted in court by lawyers and judges can be addressed. Children could have to go through questioning by a therapist in order to get to the root of their emotional concerns. Some children experience an inability to resolve any kind of differences in themselves and with other people. Details of the life of the child could be revealed in court, making them public for others to see. Would the parent want the children to see a role model who does not know how to solve problems without fighting?

Another common area that parents fight about is how much time is spent with the children, and if one is objecting, then the amount could be determined by a judge. Money could be spent on an attorney for a court case that might not end with a guarantee of how the parent wants to spend time with the children.

When two parents fight over the time spent with children, they can seek the help of an attorney who will provide divorce mediation to try to reach an agreement. This could help delay going to court for a custody hearing. The parents won’t fight in front of the children, and the mediation can be conducted in a controlled setting.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorcing Parents: 10 Questions to Ask Before Fighting Over the Kids“, Rosalind Sedacca, July 21, 2014