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Recipe ownership disputed in deli divorce case

Illinois residents may be interested to hear that the divorce of the owner of the New York landmark Carnegie Deli and her husband has become focused on the alleged theft of proprietary recipes. The owner has accused her husband of 22 years of giving away recipes for the deli’s famous pastrami and cheesecake to another woman.

The husband is accused of having an affair with a waitress at the Carnegie Deli and giving secret family recipes to her. The waitress’s family has opened a deli in Thailand called New York Cheesecake that allegedly offers the same dishes for which the Carnegie Deli is famous for, including large pastrami sandwiches and cheesecake.

The restaurant owner has also accused her husband of paying the waitress’s mortgage, plastic surgery expenses and buying her jewelry. A lawsuit against the husband claims that he was giving away secret family recipes as a result of the divorce dispute; the owner was quoted in the New York Post as saying “They’re stealing my food!” A similar situation arose with the divorce of a clothing designer after her husband started a clothing company featuring similar designs.

The end of a marriage is rarely a happy circumstance, and high-asset divorces can be particularly contentious. Property division, debt division, business valuation, alimony, child custody and child support are complex problems sometimes requiring mediation. A lawyer might help to arrange prenuptial agreements, visitation plans, parenting time, spousal support and other divorce legal issues as well as post-divorce modifications to agreements.

Source: Huffington Post, “Carnegie Deli Owner In Divorce Battle Says Husband Cheated AND Gave Away Secret Recipes“, November 20, 2013