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Pacers player wants sole custody if he is baby’s father

Fathers in Illinois could be interested in this story about a New York woman who claims that Paul George, who is an Indiana Pacers All-Star, is the father of her baby daughter born on May 1. He has requested a paternity test to determine if he is the father and has stated that, if the results are positive, he will embrace fatherhood.

A paternity test taken before the baby girl was born showed that there was a 99.9 percent probability that he was the child’s father. However, George sought an additional scientific test because of his reservations about the accuracy of the first test and the methodology used.

If he is proven to be the father, George plans to seek sole custody, according to court documents. In his petition, he stated that any sharing of parental responsibility would be disadvantageous for the baby based upon the fact that her mother is unemployed and living with family whom she is dependent upon. He also cited his ability to better care for the baby as he has the resources and means to do so. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother cited his onerous travel schedule when she filed for sole custody for herself.

In his petition, George seeks to have the trial moved to Florida where he says that he and the baby’s mother met. Until the judge makes a determination regarding the jurisdiction, the case is being delayed. When parents are not in agreement regarding child custody, more often than not the process of going to court is their only alternative. In this case, once paternity and jurisdiction are established, a family law attorney could help either party to protect their rights and the rights of the minor child.

Source: INDY Star, “Pacers’ Paul George seeks sole custody of child“, June 30, 2014