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January 2019

  1. Divorce News: Jeff Bezos Divorce: World’s Richest Person to Divorce After 25 Years
    The Jeff Bezos divorce case is turning heads all around the globe. What could this mean for his net worth and stake in Amazon? Read on to find out.
  2. Considering Divorce: When Valentine’s Day Is the Final Disappointment
    When the holiday bills arrive and one more Valentine’s Day is a bust, you may decide to call it quits. Here are 4 easy steps to take control of your financial future.
  3. Preparing for Divorce: Your Divorce Team: How to Find and Choose the Right Divorce Advisors
    It doesn’t matter why you got divorced. What matters is how willing you are to jump-start your new life and let go of the past.
  4. Child Custody: Understanding the Basics of Child Custody
    If you and your ex are willing to cooperate for your children’s sake, then you can create a co-parenting plan that makes your kids feel secure, happy, and loved.
  5. Financial Issues, Property Division: How To Protect What Is Rightfully Yours During Divorce
    To protect your rights, you need to be knowledgeable about how marital homes, businesses, and pension plans are handled during divorce.

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