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January 2019 Divorce eNewsletter

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January 2019




Useful Articles:



Considering Divorce
January Brings Resolutions and Reflection – and Divorce
Every year, the number of couples filing for divorce increases between the months of January and March. The question is: why do so many couples decide to divorce early in the new year?
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Coping with Divorce
How To Handle Stressful Situations During Divorce
Stress is a part of life; how you deal with it plays a crucial role in your divorce recovery process. Here are 4 tips for managing stressful situations during divorce.
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Coping with Divorce
Unwanted Divorce: When Your Whole World Crumbles Apart
What happens when your spouse has one foot out the door and you don’t know it? You weather the divorce storm and give recovery time to catch up to your feelings.
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Divorce and Money
5 Different Ways To Protect Your Business During Divorce
There are several different things you should do to protect your business during divorce. Here are five things you should know during this difficult period.
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Co-Parenting after Divorce
How Specific Should Your Parenting Plan Be?
Creating a detailed parenting plan – along with some flexibility on both of your parts – goes a long way to smooth the road ahead as you begin co-parenting with your ex-spouse.
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