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April 2019 Divorce eNewsletter

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April 2019




Useful Articles:


Tax and Divorce
How New Tax Laws Will Complicate Divorce in 2019
If you’re considering divorce, or even if you’re already divorced, learning about how these tax changes could affect you is crucial.
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Marriage and Divorce
3 Challenges to a Marriage of Empty Nest Syndrome!
If you have children, it’s inevitable and is something that couples will have to face sooner or later.
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Divorce Recovery
Recovering From Divorce: My “Wasted Years” Stage
I created a sixth stage of grief after my divorce: the “Wasted Years” Syndrome is when you feel like your years of marriage were a big waste of time.
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Financial Issues
10 Easy Ways to Save Money After Divorce
You need to find ways to reduce your budget to match your income; these tips will help you save money after divorce so you can get back on your feet faster.
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Children and Divorce
Why High Conflict Divorce Damages Children
Children can become trapped in their parents’ bitter divorce battle, feeling torn between the two people they love the most.
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