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October 2018 Divorce eNewsletter

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October 2018

Useful Articles:


Considering Divorce
Celebrity Divorce: Goodbye and “Goodwill”
What else do you have to divide besides your tangibles? In celebrity divorce, you may have to divide half your “goodwill”. What does goodwill in celebrity divorce mean?
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Legal Issues
Can a Divorce Lawyer Represent Both Parties?
Divorce proceedings can put an enormous amount of emotional strain on you. You may think that using the same divorce lawyer as your soon-to-be ex-partner can help alleviate some of that stress – both financially and emotionally – but you must keep the following in mind.
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Coping With Divorce
Your First Thanksgiving After Divorce: 6 Things to Do to Get Through the Holidays
Navigating your first (or second, or third) Thanksgiving after divorce will require some extra effort, but that extra effort will be worth it. These six tips will help you get through – and maybe even enjoy – the holiday
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Children and Divorce
Co-Parenting Gives a Whole New Meaning to Divorce “Court”!
How to bench your inner “Kobe Bryant” in order to handle co-parenting competition and jealousy with grace – most of the time, anyway.
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Relationships and Dating
Could Your Parent’s Infidelity Be Causing Your Trust Issues?
Learn to recognize these 7 self-sabotaging side effects of experiencing your parent’s infidelity – because if you can see it, you can change it.
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