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November 2018 Divorce eNewsletter

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November 2018

Useful Articles:


Coping with Divorce
Celebrating Friendsgiving: 10 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving After Divorce
This year, consider celebrating “Friendsgiving”; here are 10 things to be thankful for, and 10 ways to enjoy the holidays.
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Separation and Divorce Process
9 Questions & Answers to Help You Navigate the Divorce Process
You’ll have to make important decisions during divorce; this Q and A could help you make better, more informed choices.
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Dating After Divorce
The New You: Getting to Know (and Love) Yourself Before Dating After Divorce
You might feel that finding a new partner should be a priority, but you should really take time to discover the “New You” first.
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Child Custody
How to Prepare to Assume Custody When Your Ex Is Going to Rehab
Divorced from an alcoholic? Do you have a plan in place in case they go to rehab? Here’s help.
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Tax and Divorce
TCJA Alimony Tax Changes: the Clock is Ticking!
If you’re planning to divorce, you may want to hasten your proceedings to take advantage of pre-TCJA alimony tax treatment. Here’s why.
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