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December 2018

  1. Tax and Divorce: To Avoid New US Tax Laws, Consider Finalizing Your Divorce in 2018
    In celebrity divorce, you may have to divide half your “goodwill”. What does goodwill in celebrity divorce mean?
  2. Coping With Divorce: Divorce Dilemma: Where’s the Pill for Holiday Loneliness?
    You can medicate away your holiday loneliness during divorce-recovery, but it’s not a good long-term strategy. Instead, turn pain into gain and learn a new life-skill: nurturing yourself.
  3. Divorce Recovery: Jump-Start Your New Life: Where do You go from Here?
    It doesn’t matter why you got divorced. What matters is how willing you are to jump-start your new life and let go of the past.
  4. Children and Divorce: 7 Tips for Navigating Holidays as Divorced Parents
    7 great tips for divorced parents hoping to decrease stress and increase fun this holiday season.
  5. Legal Issues: Who Gets the Frozen Embryo After Divorce?
    Frozen embryos, divorce and who gets custody. It’s an emotionally charged situation couples who struggled with infertility face during divorce.

November 2018

  1. Coping with Divorce: Celebrating Friendsgiving: 10 Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving After Divorce
    This year, consider celebrating “Friendsgiving”; here are 10 things to be thankful for, and 10 ways to enjoy the holidays.
  2. Separation and Divorce Process: 9 Questions & Answers to Help You Navigate the Divorce Process
    You’ll have to make important decisions during divorce; this Q and A could help you make better, more informed choices.
  3. Dating after Divorce: The New You: Getting to Know (and Love) Yourself Before Dating After Divorce
    You might feel that finding a new partner should be a priority, but you should really take time to discover the “New You” first.
  4. Child Custody: How to Prepare to Assume Custody When Your Ex Is Going to Rehab
    Divorced from an alcoholic? Do you have a plan in place in case they go to rehab? Here’s help.
  5. Tax and Divorce: TCJA Alimony Tax Changes: the Clock is Ticking!
    If you’re planning to divorce, you may want to hasten your proceedings to take advantage of pre-TCJA alimony tax treatment. Here’s why.

October 2018

  1. Considering Divorce: Celebrity Divorce: Goodbye and “Goodwill”
    In celebrity divorce, you may have to divide half your “goodwill”. What does goodwill in celebrity divorce mean?
  2. Legal Issues: Can a Divorce Lawyer Represent Both Parties?
    Divorce proceedings can put an enormous amount of emotional strain on you. You may think that using the same divorce lawyer as your soon-to-be ex-partner can help alleviate some of that stress – both financially and emotionally – but you must keep the following in mind.
  3. Coping With Divorce: Your First Thanksgiving After Divorce: 6 Things to Do to Get Through the Holidays
    Navigating your first (or second, or third) Thanksgiving after divorce will require some extra effort, but that extra effort will be worth it. These six tips will help you get through – and maybe even enjoy – the holiday
  4. Children and Divorce: Co-Parenting Gives a Whole New Meaning to Divorce “Court”!
    How to bench your inner “Kobe Bryant” in order to handle co-parenting competition and jealousy with grace – most of the time, anyway.
  5. Relationships and Dating: Could Your Parent’s Infidelity Be Causing Your Trust Issues?
    Learn to recognize these 7 self-sabotaging side effects of experiencing your parent’s infidelity – because if you can see it, you can change it.

September 2018

  1. Considering Divorce: If You Can Secretly Record a President, You Can Secretly Record Your Spouse, Right?
    Want to secretly record your spouse for evidence in your divorce? Think again!
  2. Legal Issues: How Social Media Can Affect Divorce Proceedings
    Be careful what you post on social media even after divorce! One bad post could give your ex ammo to use against you!
  3. Financial Issues: 5 Ways to Save Money After Divorce
    These tips demand patience and willpower, but you can save money and still live comfortably. Here’s how.
  4. Children’s and Parenting Issues after Divorce: 5 Back-to-School Tips for Separated and Divorced Parents
    Back-to-school can be especially challenging for children of divorce. Here’s how to support them.
  5. Dating after Divorce: How to Prepare for Your First Date After Divorce
    If you’re ready to start dating again, read these 7 tips for successful flirting and 16 first-date Dos and Dont’s.

August 2018

  1. Children and Divorce: The Child-Parent Relationship After High-Conflict Divorce
    Have you considered how your high-conflict divorce will affect your child-parent relationship?
  2. Coping with Divorce: How to Relocate After Divorce in an Eco-Friendly Way
    Learn what steps you can take to relocate after divorce in a less stressful and eco-friendly way.
  3. Financial Issues: Can You Receive Social Security Benefits Based on Your Ex-Spouse’s Work Record?
    You AND your ex’s current spouse could be eligible to receive benefits based on your ex’s work record.
  4. Parenting and Step-Families: Building a Happily Blended Family
    A blended family offers more family members to love and be loved by your child.
  5. Co-Parenting after Divorce: 9 Tips for Co-Parenting During the Summer
    To reduce the stress of co-parenting during the summer, resist the urge to compete with your co-parent.

July 2018

  1. Coping with Divorce: Are You Headed for a Summer Divorce?
    Divorce filings spike in August. Can you beat the odds or is divorce inevitable? Here’s how to navigate the summer season of divorce.
  2. The Divorce Process: How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce?
    There are many things that go into the timing once the petition is filed; here are 4 key factors that will affect how long a divorce takes.
  3. Children and Divorce: Four Tips for Taking a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation
    A post-divorce summer vacation can be a time of healing after a stressful period. Here are 4 tips to set up your summer vacation for success.
  4. Legal Issues: 6 Tips on How to Prepare for Divorce Court
    The idea of going to divorce court is daunting. Here are tips for how to behave in the courtroom.
  5. Relationships and Dating: Are You Ready to Date Again After Divorce?
    Some people might be ready to jump back into the dating pool immediately; for others, becoming ready to date again can take years.

June 2018

  1. Children and Co-Parenting: 7 Post-Divorce Hobbies to Reinvent Your Life
    The end of your marriage offers the opportunity to try new post-divorce hobbies and activities.
  2. Coping with Divorce: 5 Tips for Co-Parenting for Your Children’s Sake
    Your children and their welfare should be your most important consideration when developing a co-parenting relationship.
  3. Relationships and Dating: 30 Percent of Divorces Involve Facebook: What You Need to Know
    Will your marriage be one of the 30% to end due to your Facebook use?
  4. Divorce Process: Tips for Putting Down Lies and Fear During Divorce
    Divorce is a struggle of fear and lies. Don’t be left alone or trying to sort through it all without guidance.
  5. Legal Issues: What to Expect from Your Family Law Consultation
    Your initial family law consultation may be the most important meeting of your entire case.

May 2018

  1. Children and Co-Parenting: How to Deal with Parental Guilt
    Are you being too hard on yourself? Follow these tips for dealing with your guilt.
  2. Coping with Divorce: 10 Inspirational Messages You Need After Divorce
    The best divorce advice comes from your own heart.
  3. Financial Issues: 5 Ways to Keep Divorce Costs Down
    Follow these basic rules to help you save money in the long run.
  4. Divorce Process: How to Create Your Divorce Support Team
    How to establish the proper personal and professional divorce support team.
  5. Relationships and Dating: 5 Reasons to Wait Before Dating After Divorce
    When is the right time to start dating after divorce?

April 2018

  1. Divorce Recovery: How Spirituality Can Help You Heal After Divorce
    Research shows that spirituality can boost happiness and a sense of communal support.
  2. Coping with Divorce: 5 Tips That Will Change the Course of Your Divorce for the Better
    You should really check out tip #2.
  3. Considering Divorce: 9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
    Ask these questions during the initial interview to see which lawyer is the right fit for you.
  4. Divorce Statistics: U.S. Divorce Statistics and Divorce Rate (2016 & 2017)
    Marriage and divorce statistics, plus women’s and men’s divorce rates and marital status from 2000 to 2017.
  5. The Divorce Process: Do the Next Right Thing: A Process to Handle Personal Crisis
    After losing a relationship, we highly recommend that you learn to take the next right action and regain control of your life.

March 2018

  1. Children and Divorce: Advice for Parents of Adult Children of Divorce
    Why all parents of adult children of divorce should keep these tips in mind.
  2. Financial Issues: Alimony and the New Tax Law
    How the new tax law may affect your divorce.
  3. Co-Parenting and Divorce: Is Co-Parenting with a Narcissisitc Ex-Spouse Possible?
    Learn the eight ways to deal with a narcissistic ex when there are children involved.
  4. Considering Divorce: Contemplating Divorce? Do These 5 Things First
    If you’ve started seriously contemplating divorce, how will you know if it’s time to move on from your marriage – or any significant relationship?
  5. Divorce Process: Who’s on Your Team?
    Don’t go through divorce alone: build a team!

February 2018

  1. Co-Parenting and Divorce: Successful Same-Sex Co-Parenting: Keeping the Focus on the Child
    How one couple moved from grief to guilt to respect and cooperation as same-sex co-parents.
  2. The Divorce Process: 7 Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid
  3. Avoiding these divorce mistakes will help your case and prevent future regrets.
  4. Coping with Divorce: Dealing with Divorce Loneliness? Here’s Help
    Loneliness can be one of the greatest challenges for people going through separation or divorce.
  5. Relationships: 3 Reasons Why We Stay in Unhappy Marriages
    Whatever our brain decides is the primary justification for remaining in a bad relationship, most of these boil down to a handful or reasons.
  6. Legal Issues:
    5 Reasons to Retain an Experienced Divorce Attorney

    Don’t go through divorce alone! Here’s why you should engage an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through your divorce proceedings

January 2018

  1. Financial Issues: You Have Your Divorce Financial Settlement. Now What?
    How an experienced financial planner can help you make wise investments, reduce taxes and make sure your financial settlement will work for you both now and in the future.
  2. Considering Divorce: 5 New Year’s Resolutions from a Divorce Attorney 
    A practicing divorce attorney offers five new year’s resolutions for you to consider.
  3. Parental Alienation: How to Recognize Parental Alienation
    What is parental alienation, and how to recognize it when it’s occurring?
  4. Podcast: How Alimony and Child Support Works
    No two divorcing couples have identical circumstances, but one potential source of income (or expense) for many divorcing people will be spousal support.
  5. Divorce Recovery: Starting Over after Divorce
    It takes courage and bravery to create a whole new life from scratch – especially after grey divorce. Here’s how.

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