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November 2017 Divorce eNewsletter

As a service to our clients, we at Boyle Feinberg Sharma, and Divorce Magazine are pleased to provide you with this monthly eNewsletter and hope that the information and articles contained within are helpful and supportive.

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November 2017

Useful Articles:

Considering Divorce
How to Take Charge of Your Divorce Process
Don’t go with a knee-jerk reaction when beginning the divorce process.
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Parenting and Divorce
Tips for Stepparents Entering a Blended Family
How you tackle the challenges associated with a blended family is key to happiness.
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Financial Issues
Level the Playing Field While Preparing Finances for Divorce
Consider hiring a financial advisor when preparing for your divorce.
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Coping with Divorce
Friends and Divorce: The Ones You Need, and the Ones You Don’t
Not all your friends and acquaintances may be the best for you during divorce.
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Divorce Recovery
4 Grounding Tools to Help With Divorce Grief
Don’t lose sight of your own physical and emotional health with these coping skills.
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