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December 2017 Divorce eNewsletter

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December 2017


Janet E. Boyle discusses Divorce for Professionals:
If you are a business owner or professional going through a divorce, you may find this video helpful.

In a High-Net-Worth Divorce, Can “Hidden Assets” Always Be Found?

Useful Articles:

Coping with Divorce
5 Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday Season after Divorce
Commit yourself to these principles and ensure an enjoyable season for all.
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Children and Divorce
How Reunification Counseling Can Help Restore Your Relationship with Your Child
Restoring your relationship with your child after parental alienation has taken place.
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Financial Issues
Where is the Money? The Financial Impact of Divorce
How the financial impact of getting divorced can have a ripple effect.
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The Divorce Process
Finding Mutual Prosperity in Divorce
Divorce does not have to be a damaging experience.
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Divorce Recovery
Finding the Silver Lining: Can Divorce be Good?
Can divorce be good? Make changes in your life for the better.
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