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December 2017

  1. Coping with Divorce: 5 Tips for an Enjoyable Holiday Season after Divorce
    Commit yourself to these principles and ensure an enjoyable season for all.
  2. Children and Divorce: How Reunification Counseling Can Help Restore Your Relationship with Your Child
    Restoring your relationship with your child after parental alienation has taken place.
  3. Financial Issues: Where is the Money? The Financial Impact of Divorce
    How the financial impact of getting divorced can have a ripple effect.
  4. Coping with Divorce: Finding Mutual Prosperity in Divorce
    Divorce does not have to be a damaging experience.
  5. Divorce Recovery: Finding the Silver Lining: Can Divorce be Good?
    Can divorce be good? Make changes in your life for the better.

November 2017

  1. Considering Divorce: How to Take Charge of Your Divorce Process
    Don’t go with a knee-jerk reaction when beginning the divorce process.
  2. Parenting and Divorce: Tips for Stepparents Entering a Blended Family
    How you tackle the challenges associated with a blended family is key to happiness.
  3. Financial Issues: Level the Playing Field While Preparing Finances for Divorce
    Consider hiring a financial advisor when preparing for your divorce.
  4. Coping with Divorce: Friends and Divorce: The Ones You Need, and the Ones You Don’t
    Not all your friends and acquaintances may be the best for you during divorce.
  5. Divorce Recovery: 4 Grounding Tools to Help With Divorce Grief
    Don’t lose sight of your own physical and emotional health with these coping skills.

October 2017

  1. Considering Divorce: Why I Owed It to My Children to Divorce
    What relationships will our children be a part of, based on our examples? It’s our job as parents to set the right example.
  2. Financial Issues: Gray Divorce: Challenges When Divorcing After 50
    There are very specific sets of challenges that arise when couples divorce later in life.
  3. Divorce Recovery: 5 Ways to Get Back on Track During Divorce Recovery
    If you want to get back on track as soon as possible, here are 5 great ways to recover.

September 2017

  1. Considering Divorce: Are You Ready for Divorce? Ask Yourself These Questions
    If you are still questioning whether or not you are ready for divorce, then consider these additional questions.
  2. Children and Divorce: How to Make Your Kids Feel Secure
    Ways that parents can help children hold onto a sense of security throughout this difficult process.
  3. Financial Issues: The Lump Sum Divorce: A Trap for the Unwary
    Consider the many variables before accepting lump sum divorce settlements.
  4. The Divorce Process: Divorce Coaching and How it Can Help You
    If you’re in the process of navigating a divorce, a divorce coach can be a critical player in the process.
  5. Divorce Recovery: 3 Tips for When Old Friends Desert You While You’re Coping with Divorce
    When an old friend deserts you, it’s a deep cut. It’s easy to crawl in a corner and lick your wounds. But, you have a new life to create!

August 2017

  1. Co-Parenting After Divorce: Protecting Children From Parental Alienation
    How you overcome alienation depends on the age of your child and whether you still have communication with your child.
  2. Children and Divorce: 4 Tips for Taking a Post-Divorce Summer Vacation
    For a family emerging after a divorce, a post-divorce summer vacation can be a time of healing after a stressful period.
  3. Financial Issues: Retirement Benefits and Divorce
    If you are currently facing divorce and navigating your retirement benefit situation, here are some thoughts to keep in mind to help this process run smoothly.
  4. The Divorce Process: Social Media and Dating: Protect Your Online Presence
    Your tweets, snaps, and posts. How social media and divorce can get messy.
  5. Divorce Recovery: 3 Tips to Help You Recover from Divorce
    Your anger, confusion, feeling lost, and frustration is to be expected at this time. But you can also to think of how to emerge from this difficult place.

July 2017

  1. Co-Parenting After Divorce: Tired of Feeling Angry at Your Co-Parent?
    Consider these 6 strategies when you are feeling angry with your co-parent.
  2. The Divorce Process: 4 Considerations when Retaining a Family Lawyer
    Key questions you should be asking yourself before hiring a family lawyer.
  3. Considering Divorce: 3 Causes of Divorce and How to Avoid Them
    If you want to avoid divorce, it’s important that you and your partner help each other feel relevant and appreciated.
  4. Relationships and Dating: Getting a Return on Your Investment When Dating after Divorce
    Dating after Divorce: Finding the Return on Your Investment.
  5. Legal Issues: Is Semi-Separating an Alternative to Divorce?
    The traditional separation is changing, with more couples hopping on the trend of semi-separating; ending their relationship but still staying together.

June 2017

  1. Considering Divorce: The 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs
    Most emotional affairs are not physically sexual, but are often more challenging for couples to overcome and forgive.
  2. Children and Divorce: The Habits of Successful Single Parenting
    Learning to go easy on yourself and focusing on the big picture will enable you and your children to make healthy adjustments.
  3. Coping with Divorce: The Stages of Divorce Grief

    When faced with the reality of divorce, you’ll likely experience grief that is similar to losing a loved one.

  4. Divorce Process: Being Served with Divorce Papers
    The overwhelming question you’re likely to have after being served with divorce papers is: what now?
  5. Divorce Recovery: Enjoying Father’s Day Post Divorce
    Tips on how to enjoy Father’s Day, post divorce, with or without your kids.

May 2017

  1. Children and Divorce: 7 Tips for Spending the Summer Without Your Kids
    For divorced or divorcing parents, summer vacation does not have to be a battleground or source of contention.
  2. Divorce Recovery: Getting Back on Your Feet After Divorce
    To have the best life you can have after divorce, you’ll have to work on yourself first. Here are 7 tips to be your best self after divorce.
  3. Financial Issues: Divorce and Division of Your Assets
    If you are going through a divorce, here are some tips on how to divide your assets in a way that you can remain amicable about it.
  4. Coping with Divorce: The Effects of Financial Stress in Gray Divorces
    Gray divorce can often lead to significant financial stress, as the bills that were once paid by two now must be paid independently.
  5. Relationships and Dating: Coping with Mistrust in Relationships Post-Divorce
    You can face your trust issues with optimism when you extend trust to those who deserve it and learn to trust yourself day by day.

April 2017

  1. Coping with Divorce: 4 Tips for Dealing with Worrying During Divorce
    Worry alerts a person that all is not right in a situation; it’s a call to action for making a change. Here are four ways to heed this call in a productive manner.
  2. Children and Divorce: Co-Parenting after Divorce: Learn to Let Go of Things
    If you and your co-parent disagree about everything, you’ll find yourself exhausted and ineffective. Consider these tips when deciding whether to hold firm or let something go.
  3. Financial Issues: 8 Personal Finance Tips to Follow During Divorce
    During divorce, you’re going from a two-income to a one-income household. You need to get a handle on your finances — not only for yourself, but also for your children.
  4. Divorce Recovery: Divorce Recovery: 4 Stages to Reclaim Your Life
    Divorce can very traumatic, but if you allow yourself to heal and utilize available support, you can emerge happier than ever before.
  5. Relationships and Dating: 2 Ways You May Have Contributed to Your Failing Marriage
    Learning what you could have done differently can help you feel more powerful — and make future relationships easier for you.

March 2017

  1. Considering Divorce: 5 Tips for Using Your Divorce Coach More Effectively
    Similar to the relationship you have with other professionals during a divorce, the key to an effective relationship with your divorce coach is understanding their role and being proactive.
  2. Coping with Divorce: Dealing with Divorce: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    By coming to terms with the unpleasant parts of divorce, learning how to transform them into a learning experience, and avoiding the same mistakes in the future, you’ll grow as a person.
  3. Financial Issues: Hidden Assets: How to Spot Them, and What to Do About Them
    Protecting assets is best done proactively; if you spot the signs that your spouse is hiding money or assets early, you can protect what’s rightfully owed to you.
  4. Children and Divorce: The Form of Child Abuse Known as Parental Alienation
    Hope and a growing awareness is building for children who suffer from the form of psychological abuse known as parental alienation.
  5. Relationships and Dating: 5 Post-Divorce Dating Tips for Dads
    Do you want your children to model their dating behavior after you? If so, you owe it to yourself and your kids to build new relationships sensibly.

February 2017

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