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New trend of alimony being paid by women

According to the Pew Research Center, wives make more than their husbands in approximately one third of marriages. This means that it is not a stretch to assume that around a third of divorces involve a woman in Illinois making more than her husband, which means it is the woman that would be responsible for paying alimony. When this occurs, it is not uncommon for both parties going through a divorce to be uncomfortable.

Women who are expected to pay spousal support feel that they have already suffered through a difficult marriage and should not have to pay their spouse following a divorce. On the other hand, men are uncomfortable with the idea of being paid alimony by a woman. Even though most have no problems with this idea when it is a man responsible for alimony, these feelings persist.

Men who are seeking alimony often point out that they stayed home and sacrificed their careers in the way that women normally do. Increasing numbers of men today are taking on housework and child rearing to a far greater degree than their fathers and grandfathers. Therefore, they feel they should be financially compensated in the way that women would in a divorce if the roles were reversed.

Spousal support is often a point of contention when a couple is going through a divorce, and it can be difficult to sort out these issues on top of the complexities of dividing marital assets. If someone is going through a divorce, they may want to speak with an attorney that may be able to help them achieve an equitable division of property.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorcing Mr. Mom,” Katherine Eisold Miller, April 2, 2013