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NASCAR chairman divorce documents unsealed

Chicago’s NASCAR fans may be interested to know that on May 8, a judge unsealed divorce records in the case of NASCAR chairman Brian France. Documents revealed that as of Sept. 2005, France had an estate valued at more than $554 million. His income from NASCAR was $8.7 million in 2004. In addition, France was listed as owning several cars, a 84-foot yacht, ownership stakes in two restaurants and two planes. France also had a substantial real estate portfolio, including homes in New York City, Los Angeles and Florida.

This represented France’s second split from his ex-wife, whom he originally married in 2001. The first divorce was in 2004. They remarried in October 2005 and divorced again in 2008. The couple has two minor children together. The separation agreement that was released years ago shows that France agreed to pay his ex-wife $42,000 per month as alimony and child support for a period of ten years, plus three annual payments of $3 million each.

For many years, France has fought to keep the details of his divorce private. The documents show that France’s ex-wife accused him of keeping her under ‘constant surveillance,” of being verbally abusive and of not spending time with their twins. France accused his wife of spending excessively on non-necessary items.

Divorce can be a stressful time under ordinary circumstances. When one of the spouses is in the public eye, it can be more difficult. A family law attorney may be able to ease some of the stress by handling news inquiries and working to keep court documents sealed so that they cannot be broadcast on the news. An attorney could also work to shield any minor children from public view during this time.

Source: USA Today, “Divorce case reveals details of Brian France“, May 08, 2013