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Illinois women often afraid to leave abusive spouses

To those on the outside, it is often perplexing why a woman stays with a spouse or a domestic partner who abuses her. However, the average woman in Illinois and throughout the United States makes an average of 10 attempts to leave before she actually does extricate herself from a situation involving domestic violence. Sometimes, women are even blamed for remaining in the relationship and receiving abuse, but the reasons for doing so are complicated.

A variety of factors contribute to reasons why women stay in abusive marriages. In addition to not having a social support network, some women remain in their abusive situation because they may have limited financial resources and limited work experiences. They may also be afraid that they would have issues with child custody or receiving support payments. Other reasons why women remain in marriages is fear of being alone or family and community pressure force them to stick it out.

Often, women also feel responsible for the abuse and are worried about causing additional violence. Even before abused women file for divorce, a family law attorney may be to help them through various resources at their disposal. Experienced attorneys may be able to extricate a woman from an abusive domestic situation by securing orders of protection that prohibit the spouse from coming into contact with his wife or children.

Even when a woman has little money or work experience, Illinois attorneys knowledgeable about family and divorce laws may be able to help put an abused woman and her children on the path towards a brand new life by attempting to secure the best possible support and child custody terms. They may also be able to point women towards resources that will help them reorganize their lives.

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