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‘Frozen’ may have sparked divorce of couple in Japan

Sometimes, it’s amazing how easy it is to just “Let It Go.”

It may not be a good joke, but in the wake of the following divorce story, it simply had to be made. According to an advice column from Japan, a man and woman may be going through a divorce because of the movie “Frozen.”

Most Illinois residents have heard about the film, which has an amazing and devoted fan following. This devotion seems to be the root cause behind this story, as a woman has decried her husband’s lack of adoration for “Frozen.” As a result, she has moved out and refuses to communicate with her husband. In fact, the only way they keep in touch is through their parents.

Everyone wants to know if the story is true or false. Given how absurd it seems, you would think that it must be fabricated. But the world of divorce stories tends to attract the bizarre, the unbelievable, and the shockingly true. Who knows — this story could belong to the latter.

So this begs the question: what can we learn from a story that may or may not be true? Well, there are a couple of things of importance in this story.

The first is that the woman moved out. This is important because many couples who are on the brink of divorce try this. Sometimes, they will file for legal separation, which can act as a trial period for divorce. Even if you don’t go through with an actual divorce, the legal separation can be a tremendous learning experience for the couple.

The other important factor is just a general reminder that anything can happen in a divorce. As the circumstances of this possible-divorce show, it is that even the wackiest of situations can arise. When divorce comes knocking at your door, consult an attorney to help you through this unsettling time.

Source: Huffington Post, “Woman Divorces Husband Because He’s Just Not That Into ‘Frozen’,” Brittany Wong, June 5, 2014