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Divorce Mediation

Arlington Heights Family Lawyer

Many people contemplating divorce want to avoid the negativity and confrontation of the divorce process. For them, an alternative approach exists: divorce by mediation.

Mediation is a process by which the two parties work through their issues with a neutral, professional mediator working to facilitate an agreement.

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Resolving Even The Most Pressing Problems Of Divorce

Divorce by mediation addresses the same issues as traditional litigation: child custody and visitation, spousal maintenance and division of property. The difference is that the discussion occurs not in a courtroom but in more comfortable surroundings. Mediation promotes honest, respectful communication. Couples agree beforehand to work through their issues. Attorneys can be present, but bombast is not allowed.

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Mediation does not eliminate contention or complexity. Boyle Feinberg Sharma (BFS) provides divorce mediation services and addresses all the issues in mediated divorces that it addresses in conventional litigation, including high net worth divorce, complex child support issues and alimony.

How does divorce mediation work in Illinois? Mediators do not make decisions. They work with both parties to create fair agreements. When decisions are made, the divorce mediators will draft and review the papers submitted to the court for approval. When the couple works together to amicably end the marriage, there is less likelihood that the end result will be viewed as unfair by either party.

Let Us Represent You In Mediation for Divorce in Illinois

Boyle Feinberg Sharma (BFS), represents parties in every kind of divorce, including mediated divorce. To learn more about mediation and its advantages, call our office. BFS’s family lawyers will be happy to speak with you.

Mediation in divorce can reduce stress and facilitate sound agreements. Call our North Shore divorce mediator at 312-376-8860 or write to us using this online form.