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Director of anti-violence group arrested for domestic assault

A Chicago anti-violence group named Ceasefire Illinois has named an interim director while it searches for a new permanent replacement for the organization’s previous director. The parent organization, Cure Violence, announced the ouster for the previous director after he had been arrested for domestic violence.

The group has announced that the organization’s current COO will temporarily fill the position. She has managed Cure Violence for nearly 10 years and is also involved with the Illinois Family Violence Coordinating Council. She has also participated in a University of Chicago team charged with developing a model to effectively deal with youth affiliated in gang activities and their families.

The former director was the creator of the violence interrupter initiative, which used the participation of ex-offenders to work in high-crime neighborhoods and mediate any disputes. He maintains that he is innocent of the charges against him and has apologized for the negative attention that the charges have brought against the group.

The group has been successful in reducing violence within the city in the first half of 2013. In spite of the arrest, the organization plans to continue moving forward in its effort to curb violence.

In Illinois, there are a number of laws that protect individuals against domestic assault. A protective order may be obtained that restrains the accused from any further emotional abuse, physical abuse and even Internet stalking. An experienced Chicago attorney may be able to aid victims of physical or emotional abuse in protecting themselves and their families.

Source: CBS Local, “CeaseFire Names New Interim Director After Hardiman’s Ouster“, June 05, 2013