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Denise Richards declines additional child support

Illinois residents might be interested to hear that Denise Richards declined her ex-husband’s offer of additional child support for caring for his twins. Richards was awarded temporary guardianship of Charlie Sheen’s twins while the their biological mother checked into the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation. Richards states that she has enough to care for the twins without additional support from Sheen.

Richards and Sheen reportedly resolved the issue in court, and Sheen completely supported Richards gaining guardianship of the twins. Courts say they will continue to monitor the situation and that when the twins’ mother is released from rehab, Richards may still retain custody while she gets settled. However, the twins’ mother reportedly requested for the courts to grant temporary custody of the twins to her brother, fearing that she would not receive child support from Sheen.

When people get divorced, there are numerous issues that they must discuss. One of the foremost issues in a divorce where children is involved is who will retain custody of the children. This is in addition to deciding how much the other parent will pay in child support. The welfare of the children is generally the primary concern of divorces in which minors are involved.

Family law attorneys may be able to help couples in the divorce process with their proceedings. They may help them settle issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support and division of property. This is through negotiating with the other party to reach a divorce settlement that they can both agree on. In cases where negotiations are unsuccessful and possibly go to court, family law attorneys may be able to sway the divorce court to rule in favor of their clients concerning divorce matters.

Source: Christian Post, “Denise Richards Refuses Extra Child Support From Charlie Sheen “, Sami K. Martin, May 13, 2013