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Deion Sanders awarded custody of kids

Residents of Illinois may have recently heard that after two weeks of back-and-forth allegations from Deion Sanders’ and his estranged wife’s attorneys, a jury finally reached a verdict in the contentious child custody case. Hall of Fame and NFL superstar Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders have been going through the divorce since 2011. Pilar Sanders accused her estranged husband of child abuse and of keeping guns accessible to the children. She also accused Sanders of using steroids. Sanders’ attorneys accused Pilar of working at a phone sex line and of also taking steroids.

The 12-panel jury ruled in an 11-1 vote that Deion Sanders should have custody of his two boys. His sons are 11 and 13 years old, and he will have both physical custody of the children as well as sole conservatorship. The jury also decided that he should have joint custody of his 9-year-old daughter and shared conservatorship over her. However, he will be able to decide where she should live.

The jury said that they did not believe the allegations lodged against the former Dallas Cowboys player. Instead, they thought that the accusations of domestic abuse were an example of “grandstanding.” Pilar was reportedly upset after hearing the decision and verbally lashed out at her estranged husband. The couple’s divorce is still not final as matters pertaining to visitation, child support and a prenuptial agreement between them have not yet been fleshed out by the court.

When parents do not agree on who should have custody of their children, they must often go through the court process to establish a legal ruling on the matter. Both parents may hire Illinois family law attorneys to help protect their interests and prove their case.

Source: CBS DFW, “Jury Makes Decision In Deion Sanders Child Custody Case,” March 12, 2013