Court Ordered Evaluations

Court-Ordered Evaluations In Family Law Proceedings in Illinois

When ex-spouses are unable to come together on an amicable settlement for a divorce in Illinois, the case may proceed to litigation, which could mean a trial. When child custody is an unresolved issue, there is likely to be a court-ordered evaluation of the child and the parents.

Many parents are understandably nervous about these court-ordered evaluations, since the evaluator will make a recommendation to the Illinois court about custody and parenting time. At Boyle Feinberg Sharma (BFS), a respected family law firm in Chicago and Arlington Heights, our family lawyers can walk you through the process so you know what to expect, removing as much stress as possible.

We Can Prepare You For Your Interview

A judge can order an evaluation, or a parent can file a motion asking for one. The evaluator is usually some type of psychiatrist or therapist experienced in dealing with these issues. The evaluator will likely conduct several interviews with the children and each parent, along with observing each parent’s interaction with the children.

Even if you are going through an acrimonious, contested divorce in Illinois,
it is important to resist the urge to bad mouth your ex-spouse to the evaluator.
Instead, be honest about each parent’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our Chicago divorce attorneys will take the time to fully prepare you for an evaluation, including any questions you can expect to hear. We understand that this is stressful time, and we will take every step to protect your parental rights and relationships with your children.

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