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Clint Eastwood to divorce wife of 17 years

Illinois fans of actor Clint Eastwood, 83-years-old, may want to know of his recent split with a woman he spent the past 17 years married to. In an odd turn of events, Clint and Dina Eastwood are now said to be dating two former spouses, one of whom was a high school friend of Dina’s.

On Oct. 21, Dina filed for divorce from the famous actor in Monterey County Superior Court in California. Unlike Illinois, California is a community property state, meaning that all assets and liabilities acquired during marriage are considered to be the joint property of both spouses and will be split evenly upon a divorce. In a high net worth divorce, one party may stand to benefit from another party who earned a significant income over the course of the marriage.

If a couple is filing for divorce in Illinois, a family law judge will have to determine an equitable division of the property acquired during the marriage. It is relevant to note that Clint and Dina Eastwood entered into a prenuptial agreement, although Dina told E! News that the property rights were still to be determined. If a prenuptial agreement does not address certain property acquired during marriage, a judge may have to determine an equitable distribution.

When a prenuptial agreement states which party will be entitled to what in the event of a divorce, that agreement will supersede any community property or equitable division laws. Even younger people with few assets may benefit from a prenup if they have recently started a business that may be expected to grow in value over the course of the marriage. Although creating a prenuptial agreement may seem like a hassle, hiring an attorney to draft this agreement may often save a substantial amount of time and money.

Source: USA Today, “Dina Eastwood files for divorce“, Ann Oldenburg, October 24, 2013