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The benefits of family mediation

On behalf of Janet Boyle of Boyle Feinberg Sharma posted in Divorce Mediation on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.

There are many reasons why a conflict may emerge between Illinois family members. However, if the situation cannot be resolved, it may be a good idea to seek mediation. It can be an alternative to therapy or going to court to settle an issue, and it can also be done in a confidential manner. The mediator is there to encourage dialogue, but those taking part in the mediation session determine what to talk about and at what length.

Typically, those involved in a mediation session will talk in an open and constructive manner that hopefully leads to a resolution. Throughout the process, the participants are encouraged to work together and civil discourse is mandatory. The parties involved in the mediation session can come up with any agreement in writing that meets their needs without regard for evidence or relevance.

Another benefit of mediation is the fact that families can protect their loved ones from an emotional court battle. Instead, they model what it means to resolve a dispute in a compassionate and productive manner. It may allow relationships to be preserved without the need for months or years of infighting. Through mediation, it may be easier to parties to communicate with each other, which may increase the likelihood of settling a dispute.

Meeting with a mediator may make it possible to finalize a divorce in a civil and productive manner. It may be more timely and cost-effective as well. If an agreement is reached through such a process, it may become legally binding on all parties once submitted to the court. It is advisable for legal counsel to review any agreement reached through mediation in order to ensure that it meets a client’s needs and adheres to state law.