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Avoid divorce mistakes with good decision-making

Chicago residents may be interested in a recent article that says certain mistakes are common among people who are going through divorce. Because divorces may be emotionally charged, spouses are prone to make these five mistakes. According to Huffington Post, these mistakes include making decisions without understanding their implications, losing control of the decision-making process, settling for less than is needed or deserved, acting out of anger, and losing oneself in the divorce process.

If a person relies on another party to make decisions for them or even makes choices based on another’s divorce experience, they may have to deal with unexpected consequences. Becoming knowledgeable about the implications of divorce decisions in advance may increase satisfaction with the results obtained. The decision-making process should not be simply be handed over to an attorney as the individual who is getting the divorce should have a voice in all choices made.

Other items discussed include the necessity of realistically projecting what finances can affordably be committed to and what is needed by both spouses in order for both to live comfortably after the divorce. Acting out of anger or a need to ‘get even” with a soon-to-be ex is also discouraged along with and losing one’s head while navigating through divorce’s channels. If focus is maintained, making good decisions may be possible.

An experienced attorney may be of help to Chicago residents who are facing divorce. An attorney may be able to assist clients explore all of their options and advise them on potential outcomes of various decisions as well as arriving at fair settlements.

Source: Huffington Post, “The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce“, Michelle Rozen, August 24, 2013