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Annual child support collections in Illinois pass $1.4B

According to a report from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, collections of payments on child support for the 2014 fiscal year have exceeded $1.4 billion. Collections of child support within the state have exceeded more than $1 billion for 10 straight years, but this represents the first time that more than $1.4 billion was collected. The previous highest annual total collected was for the fiscal year of 2012 when the state was able to collect $1.393 billion. The amount has increased since the $1.085 billion collection in 2005.

The report also said that the state’s Division of Child Support Services was able to recover nearly $130 million from previously non-paying parents who were facing outstanding orders from the court. DCSS said the money that was recovered from non-paying parents was obtained through the use of special enforcement actions.

Child support enforcement actions are proving to be increasingly effective, and the state has expressed its satisfaction over their recent efforts. The increase in recovered amounts is perhaps even more interesting when viewed in the light that many of the years in question occurred during a prolonged national economic recession, possibly suggesting that most of the growth in collections was caused through increases in orders to pay support and improvements in recovery efforts.

The disconnect between the economy and growth in child support collections could indicate some level of friction between the support orders being issued and the financial means available to those being asked to pay. If this trend continues, family law firms are likely to see an increased interest from clients seeking help while trying to dispute or maintain support orders.

Source: WREX, “Illinois child support collections top $1.4B for first time in history”, Audrey Moon, August 07, 2014