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Month: June 2016

Gaining financial skills important when preparing for divorce

Most married people in Illinois don’t want to think about the possibility of divorce. Since a large percentage of marriages will eventually end, however, it may be wise for spouses to develop good financial skills. Individuals should think ahead to their retirement, and both spouses should increase their individual contributions to their plans if they…
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Why prenuptial agreements should not be overly harsh

When an Illinois couple is preparing to get married, they may be thinking about entering into a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement can help people to protect their assets, but it is important to write them in a way that is fair for both parties. Some people make the mistake of focusing only on keeping…
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The effect of state laws on divorce

State laws govern various aspects of divorce, including the division of property. Each state has its own unique laws and procedural criteria. Illinois residents who are thinking about divorce may benefit from learning more about their state’s divorce laws and how those laws would affect the division of their assets. States often impose certain conditions…
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