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Month: December 2014

The scope of child support

Illinois parents who are divorced or separated are still expected to provide for their children’s needs. In many cases, this financial support is paid as a result of a child support order being issued by a court having jurisdiction. Child support covers the noncustodial parent’s share of many different expenses related to the care of…
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Factors considered in determining child custody

Illinois parents who are embroiled in a custody battle may wonder how a judge decides who gets the children. The legal standard is the “best interests of the child.” This means that the judge’s primary concern is deciding which parent is better able to care for the children, based on a variety of factors. The…
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Divorce considerations for professionals in Illinois

Illinois couples have to cope with a number of difficult and potentially contentious issues during a divorce, but professional couples have even more to consider. Matters such as alimony, child custody and property division often lead to vigorous and emotionally charged discussions, but doctors, lawyers, architects and accountants must also determine the value of a…
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