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Month: September 2014

Types of child custody awarded in Illinois

The determination of who gets custody of a child is a big undertaking when parents are going through a divorce. Part of this process is deciding if one parent or both parents will have decision-making power for major life decisions involving the child. Tthere are two types of custody that an Illinois court could order.…
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How marital property is divided in Illinois courts

When a couple gets a divorce in Illinois, the property that both parties acquired during marriage is not divided equally in half. If a couple cannot reach a Marital Settlement Agreement on their own that lays out the division of their marital assets, then a judge will look at a variety of factors to determine…
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Major Changes to Illinois Maintenance Laws

When a client asks how much maintenance, also known as alimony, they will be ordered to pay or receive the long standing answer has been “It is hard to know for sure”. The inconsistent and unpredictable maintenance awards handed out by the many Illinois Judges have been frustrating both attorneys and our clients for years.…
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Obtaining child custody in Illinois

In Illinois and other states, there is a difference between having legal custody and having physical custody of a child. A parent with legal custody of a child, for instance, gets to make decisions for or about that child while physical custody refers to whom the child lives with. It may be possible for a…
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