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Month: May 2014

Feinberg becomes President of U.S. Chapter of IAML

Today Ms. Joy M. Feinberg, partner at Boyle Feinberg Sharma, will be inaugurated as the President of the USA Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (IAML), where she has been a member since 1990. The IAML is a prestigious group of divorce attorneys who gather three times a year, once in either the…
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How to know if litigation or divorce mediation is better

Illinois couples going through divorce proceedings may be questioning whether a settlement or divorce mediation is the best path for them. Sometimes, divorce involves complicated financial assets that need to be divided. Other times, they involve a difficult spouse who refuses to reach an agreement on anything. While divorce mediation and out of court settlements…
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Rise of ‘gray divorce’ raises many questions for older couples

Imagine that you and your spouse have been happily married for many years. You’ve been through a lot together over the decades, and as the calendar keeps flipping, it seems like you and your spouse will be together forever. Up into your 40s and even in your 50s, the two of you feel a strong…
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