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Month: April 2014

Keeping Your Divorce Settlement Private

If you are a newsworthy figure whether as an athlete, a philanthropist, a business owner, a highly compensated executive or a well-known executive this may be a good reason to keep the facts of you divorce settlement confidential. As an athlete you may not want the terms of your contract made public. As a business…
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After divorce, some family-run businesses thrive

Any Chicago couple that has gone through divorce knows that property division is a major factor. Unraveling your intertwined lives to decide who gets what, however, is rarely easy — especially when you have a family business at stake. Millions of married couples in this country operate small businesses, but if their relationship sours, they…
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Why you need a prenup if you plan to go to school during marriage

Many people think of a prenuptial agreement as a tool to clearly lay out how a couple will divide their assets in the event of a divorce. While this is true, a prenuptial agreement can also address debt. Like assets, a couple will also have to determine how to divide debts if they choose to…
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Arnett, Poehler file for divorce after period of separation

Many an internet user wept a single tear today as Amy Poehler, the beloved star of “Parks and Recreation” and former member of “Saturday Night Live,” and Will Arnett, known for his role in “Arrested Development” among other comedic ventures, finally decided to divorce. Poehler and Arnett separated 18 months ago, but recently Arnett decided…
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