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Month: January 2014

Parents should consider child custody and future relationships

There are a lot of issues for parent to consider when they get divorced. The best interests of the children must be at the heart of making decisions about the issues the parents have to come to an agreement on. One of the things that many parents don’t pay much attention to during the divorce…
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Domestic violence incidents seem to increase in cold weather

A person’s home should be a place of refuge and a place of safety. For some people, when the weather grows colder, the home can become a place of fear, uncertainty and even violence. The City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line/Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network director says that an uptick in violence is expected…
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Orthodox Jewish women face divorce dilemma

Many Orthodox Jewish women in Chicago are aware of the difficulties of seeking a divorce in that community. Only the husband has the right to issue a “get,” the document that dissolves a marriage in the eyes of the synagogue. Below are five tips designed to help Orthodox Jewish women who are seeking a get.…
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Parents Seek to Regain Custody in Medical Child Abuse Case

Chicago residents may have heard of a recent media report concerning a parents’ rights case in Massachusetts involving a female child age 15 in the custody of the Commonwealth after her parents sought treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital for her previously-diagnosed mitochondrial disease that left her barely able to walk or eat. Children’s Hospital believed…
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