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Month: December 2013

Considerations of relocating with a child after divorce

Dissolving a marriage can involve very complex issues, which become even more complicated when children are involved. If half of a divorcing couple in Chicago decides to move to another city or state and also happens to be the custodial parent, it might not be a simple decision. One important consideration a custodial parent contemplating…
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Senate considering broad child support bill measures

A bill under consideration by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee may affect how Illinois tackles issues related to child support. The Supporting At-Risk Children Act of 2013 is a broad bill that includes provisions from an act introduced in March aimed at bolstering child support obligation enforcement methods. Iowa’s Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Robert…
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New domestic violence training for Chicago police

Chicago police officers are getting new training on domestic violence and how to better communicate with domestic violence victims. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel recently announced the creation of a task force that will develop a three-part training program for the city’s police force. The Chicago Police Department receives nearly 200,000 calls per year for domestic violence…
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Tax implications when a marriage ends

Tax issues related to divorce might take couples by surprise, especially when they are financially set. Couples in Illinois and elsewhere need to keep several things in mind when dividing their assets at the end of a marriage. First, state law determines how assets are handled during a divorce. In community property states, both parties…
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