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Month: November 2013

Dealing with exes who don’t pay child support

Many Illinois parents have difficulties with former spouses who are unable or unwilling to pay child support. In many cases, it can be difficult to find a way to improve the odds of receiving child support from such a parent. However, some strategies offer a better chance for payment than others. One important thing to…
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Recipe ownership disputed in deli divorce case

Illinois residents may be interested to hear that the divorce of the owner of the New York landmark Carnegie Deli and her husband has become focused on the alleged theft of proprietary recipes. The owner has accused her husband of 22 years of giving away recipes for the deli’s famous pastrami and cheesecake to another…
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Divorce and pet custody

Illinois readers may be interested to know that some judges are acknowledging that pets are family members. Rather then treating them as personal property in a divorce, in some cases, the best interests of the animal are being considered. It isn’t unusual to see legal motions filed asking for sole custody of the family dog.…
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Debt after a divorce and legal recourses

In different jurisdictions, including Illinois, an ex-spouse can seek legal recourse when his or her former partner continues to incur debt on joint credit cards or accounts. During divorce, debt is usually split up between partners, and their joint accounts are closed. Divorced individuals whose financial situations and credit scores are impacted by their former…
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