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Month: August 2013

Illinois women often afraid to leave abusive spouses

To those on the outside, it is often perplexing why a woman stays with a spouse or a domestic partner who abuses her. However, the average woman in Illinois and throughout the United States makes an average of 10 attempts to leave before she actually does extricate herself from a situation involving domestic violence. Sometimes,…
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How women can preserve their assets during a divorce

In Illinois and across the country, there is an increasing number of women who make more than their spouse does. This emerging trend may mean that if a couple in which the woman is the “breadwinner” gets a divorce, the woman may end up owing spousal support and seeing large amounts of her retirement and…
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Housing ordinances put victims of domestic violence in danger

In many areas of the U.S., including Illinois, “crime-free housing” ordinances could be putting victims of domestic violence in a dangerous and difficult position. Such ordinances stipulate that victims can call the police, but if they do, they could be evicted. According to the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law, more than 100 municipalities…
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It’s okay for divorcing parents make mistakes

Parents in Illinois who are going through a divorce might be worried about their children and how they are going to cope with them splitting up. Anxieties might dominate their thoughts on a daily basis. It might be difficult for some parents to keep their children’s needs front and center while still trying to balance…
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Planning ahead can yield better results in divorce negotiations

Once an Illinois couple decides to seek a separation and a divorce, the spouses can be left wondering how to proceed. Since most state laws actually maintain that a couple’s assets must be divided equitably and not equally, taking time to prepare is the best way to make sure that each spouse receives what’s fair.…
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Avoid divorce mistakes with good decision-making

Chicago residents may be interested in a recent article that says certain mistakes are common among people who are going through divorce. Because divorces may be emotionally charged, spouses are prone to make these five mistakes. According to Huffington Post, these mistakes include making decisions without understanding their implications, losing control of the decision-making process,…
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