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Month: July 2013

Finding common ground in divorce situations

It is extremely common for divorcing couples to find themselves embroiled in bitter battles over perceived injustices in the divorce settlement. The fact that these couples usually already hold some deep-seated contempt for each other only adds to the conflict that naturally occurs in such circumstances. Many times people find it difficult to approach a…
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Co-parenting strategies may help ease family law negotiations

Whether it’s called co-parenting, joint parenting or shared parenting, learning to cooperate with an ex-spouse to raise children has benefits for all involved, not just the children. For many Illinois parents who have recently gone through a divorce, this approach to post-divorce relationships goes far beyond child custody issues and visitation guidelines. Learning to co-parent…
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Allen and Tawanna Iverson finally reach divorce agreement

As far as NBA divorces go this one had everything from hidden assets, to accusations of infidelity and theft and of course, money. Many Chicagoans may remember when the divorce between Allen Iverson and his wife Tawanna was first announced over a year ago. They have finally reached an agreement on the terms of their…
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Whether to file bankruptcy or divorce first

When a couple is considering divorce, financial issues are often considered. A couple may not be sure whether they should file for divorce first or for bankruptcy, since both involve the court system. However, if the couple works together, they can make decisions that will help both of them deal with the financial issues that…
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The possible end of alimony

Illinois couples might be interested to hear that alimony as we know it may be coming to an end. Alimony is simply a court order that one spouse has to pay his or her ex after their divorce. Traditionally, those payments were for life. However, now many states are contemplating doing away with the provision…
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Who gets possession of air mile rewards after divorce?

Arriving at a divorce settlement agreement can be a difficult process. Navigating the tricky issues of jointly-owned homes, stocks, bonds and cash is hard enough by itself. When added to the division of invaluable items such as art collections and antiques, the process can become very difficult. Illinois couples reaching a property division compromise that…
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