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Month: June 2013

Fathers fight for equal custodial rights

Just after the day that recognizes fathers, Illinois Fathers gathered outside the Capitol to observe what they deemed “Fatherless Day.” Fathers’ rights organizations throughout the United States participate in this day in an attempt to raise awareness regarding fathers’ rights issues and problems, such as the disproportionate awarding of child custody, traveling to see their…
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Director of anti-violence group arrested for domestic assault

A Chicago anti-violence group named Ceasefire Illinois has named an interim director while it searches for a new permanent replacement for the organization’s previous director. The parent organization, Cure Violence, announced the ouster for the previous director after he had been arrested for domestic violence. The group has announced that the organization’s current COO will…
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Planning a wedding? Consider a prenup as well

There was once a time when a prenuptial agreement was something that only very wealthy people and celebrities sought before marriage. However, with the national divorce rate still hovering at 50% of marriages, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular than ever among Chicago couples. Some may wonder why prenups are increasing in frequency among young…
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