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Month: April 2013

New trend of alimony being paid by women

According to the Pew Research Center, wives make more than their husbands in approximately one third of marriages. This means that it is not a stretch to assume that around a third of divorces involve a woman in Illinois making more than her husband, which means it is the woman that would be responsible for…
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Are there any benefits to filing for divorce first?

Residents of Illinois whose marriages are on shaky ground may wonder if they should be the first to file for divorce and if there are benefits to doing so. There are some benefits associated with being the first to file for divorce, and most of them have to do with being prepared. If someone’s spouse…
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How to prepare financially for divorce

If an Illinois resident is considering a divorce, it often takes an extended period of time for them to come to that decision. During this time, if someone is thinking about getting a divorce, they should make financial preparations. This will include getting a credit report, collecting financial documents and starting to save money. There…
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