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Month: February 2013

Former Illinois congressman says he can’t pay child support

A former congressman from Illinois wants to end his child support obligation because he does not have a job. Joe Walsh, who lost a bid for re-election in November, filed a request with a court in Cook County to terminate his obligation to pay child support. The filing stated that because Walsh’s employment terminated due…
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How to stay sane during a divorce

When a couple makes the decision to divorce, the actual process of untangling two lives begins. The ease with which a couple will be able to divorce is dependent on many factors. A couple who has been married for a couple years and has no children will likely have an easier time divorcing than a…
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Limiting personal tax liability while going through a divorce

With tax time looming around the corner, many married couples are in the process of preparing their 2012 taxes. For couples who are recently separated or divorced, questions related to taxes and tax liabilities often arise. Couples who are going through a divorce or recently finalized a divorce may have questions about how to file…
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Child custody and relocation – advice for divorced parents

When provided with a dream job opportunity in another city or state, there are often several factors to consider. For divorced parents, issues related to child custody often serve to further complicate things. As with most things related to divorce and child custody, careful and deliberate planning is often necessary. The majority of divorced parents…
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