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Month: January 2013

Ways divorced parents can co-parent more effectively

There’s no doubt that parenting comes with many challenges. From being up all night during the early years to the moody and sullen teen years, most Illinois parents can commiserate on the highs and lows associated with being a parent. While parenting as a team can be difficult, couples who divorce often face additional challenges…
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Estranged husband wins lottery, estranged wife seeks divorce

Illinois residents may be interested in a story from another state regarding a couple that had been estranged for years. The tale includes lessons in seeking a timely divorce and marital laws involving the division of assets. The couple had not met face to face in years and just recently sat across the table from…
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Can an Illinois sperm donor be required to pay child support?

Many Illinois residents may not be aware of an Illinois law that requires a sperm donor to pay child support unless he donates his sperm through proper medical channels involving a doctor. Although this particular case did not arise in Illinois, our state has similar laws that could result in this happening here. The case…
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